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"Gender Bender"

Still updating the Nick_Lea.fr site. I made a big page about the X-Files but it's in French, of course... I made the "Gender Bender" page (Masculin-Féminin) with a few pics and three mp3 sound files - the three scenes with Nick :o)

The "grateful" mood is because I had to call the SAMU - which is your 911 - for Paul who felt bad and had an unusually low blood pressure. They took him to the hospital, made some exams, and brought him back. Heart is okay (as it can be at 89) but he's still easily short of breath. Reading the prescription it looks like they thought of a possible infection. I'll call the doc tomorrow so he'll visit him and ask the hospital for details, exams full results and so on. Now hubby's quietly sleeping.
Yet I wonder if it's possible to have oxygen at home in an easy-to-use form? I'd feel more comfortable.

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