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"Lunch with Charles" - Missing scene

I made pics and sound caps of the missing scene (1'50") of "Lunch with Charles" between April (Teresa Lee) and Matthew (Nick). The scene exists on the VCD but not on the DVD.
It takes place in the car that's parked on the railway at night, after Matthew's philosophical thoughts about night sky. They prepare to sleep in the car, Matthew gives April an old blanket and offers her some wine to warm her. Then he explains he was a traveler-writer before he quitted for Natasha.
The sound extract is here:
Missing scene, mp3
And here are more pictures after the cut...

And a comparison between the picture quality of the VCD and the DVD versions (none is processed). DVD is darker, more saturated but sharper too.


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23rd Mar, 2006 17:43 (UTC)
Hmm. I have a video of this, and a DVD and this scene is on it. =>}
24th Mar, 2006 03:53 (UTC)
Here's the cover of my DVD:
Lunch with Charles, HK DVD
I don't know any other commercial DVD of LWC? If you have one, please give us the references!!! I'm afraid it's a home-made DVD copied from the version aired on Canadian TV. I heard it's the closest to the full movie as released in theaters and festivals... I'm going to make a DVD copy myself of my VHS issue.
They really should publish an official Western DVD, full length, with a lot of bonus (I'm sure there's more cut scenes...), behind the scene, Toronto Festival with Nick on stage, interviews and a CD of the wonderful musical score... Audio comments like for "Moving Malcolm". Picture quality as sharp as this DVD but less dark as on the VCD. And I wouldn't mind French subtitles. A girl can dream, right? :o)
24th Mar, 2006 07:56 (UTC)
LOL. If you got a Canadian version made, it would have the soundtrack in French or the subtitles. Legally, in Canada they have to have both to put out a movie.

I have a version that someone online sent me, I don't remember who it was, but it was $10 canadian. It LOOKS commercial, but half the movie is on one DVD and the other half is on a second DVD.

Absolutely no special features, though, but that scene is in it.

Sadly, I have no equipment for copying DVD's.
24th Mar, 2006 09:39 (UTC)
Sounds like you have the VCD version, which is what I have. Does the first disk end abruptly, with no warning or anything after, and does the second one start just as abruptly?

The good thing about this version, of course, is that it's got more of the movie on it (and, most importantly, more Nickage) than the DVD version. If I recall correctly, it's a whopping 10 or 15 minutes longer than the DVD.
24th Mar, 2006 10:29 (UTC)
Maybe it IS a VCD. I have no idea. I just know that I jumped at the chance to get it for $10 can. =>}

I didn't even know there was a commercial DVD out for it, or I would've bought i.

More Nickage is ALWAYS a good thing. =>}
24th Mar, 2006 10:51 (UTC)
The DVD is 94 mn long.
The VCD version is quoted to have a duration of "approximately 110 mn" - exactly 109'25". It's made of 2 disks. The second one starts with Tong on the phone (what a surprise!) turning around and seeing a warning panel about snakes...
The movie itself is said to last 109 mn (Cambridge Film Festival's postcard).
Here's the full cover of the VCD:
Lunch with Charles VCD cover
It's a cardboard package slipped around the jewel box.
The other main missing scene is between Bif Naked (Natasha) and Sean Lau (Tong), when they're resting on the river bank after their naked bath. They're chatting and Natasha asks Tong to sing. It's about 2' so we still miss 5 minutes or so... which must be made of small cuts now and then (maybe in the credits too).
About the VHS I have it appears to be a copy of the VCD, suffering of the transfer and conversion of standards :o/
24th Mar, 2006 12:45 (UTC)
Without checking, I'm pretty sure this is the version I have. Our son in law and daughter are coming tonight for her b'day dinner, so I'm pressed for time. Only now eating my lunch. Luckily, they'll only be here for a late dinner. =>}

The VCD has Tong singing. I don't know if it's a cut version. =>}
24th Mar, 2006 11:06 (UTC)
The DVD and the VCD are both Chinese, from Hong Kong - so the Chinese subtitles.
I have some Canadian DVDs who have NO French subtitles! They're more confident in Quebec people to understand English than the contrary :o)
But! I have a Quebec VHS with French subtitles... In fact the movie is in French, but Roy Dupuis (Nikita) speaks with such a heavy accent here that sometimes he's un-understandable. If you like gay drama story, it's called "Being at home with Claude", and it's a master-piece. He's a hustler who killed his boyfriend, savagely stabbing him to death whilst making love to him. The whole story is mainly a dialogue with the officer who tries to understand why he did so.
23rd Mar, 2006 19:09 (UTC)
Thank you!! Ah Nick's so cute, I love Matthew. Never seen this before, it's wonderful. :-)
23rd Mar, 2006 19:58 (UTC)
Wow, too bad some people missed that scene! It's one of my favorites. I'm really glad I have the VCD.

And thanks for making these screen caps. LWC is one of my very favorite Nick roles. He just shone in it.
24th Mar, 2006 03:59 (UTC)
"Shining" is the right word, Susan! And weird they chose for the DVD cover this promo shot made in X-Files/OAT times. The photo is gorgeous, but Nick's look here couldn't be farther from Matthew's. It's definitely Alex :o)
24th Mar, 2006 09:40 (UTC)
Right, I've always wondered about that shot, too. It's definitely not Matthew. Far, far from it.
26th Mar, 2006 03:15 (UTC)
Nick signed the cover of my vcd/dvd(?) at a charity and I asked him about that. He wasn't happy they used that picture. Unfortunately he didn't have any control over it. He thought the picture was part of his head shots for auditions.
26th Mar, 2006 07:23 (UTC)
Do you allow me to quote you? In the LWC trivia :o) on my site.
24th Mar, 2006 01:57 (UTC)
I never bothered with the DVD - I like my Nick "uncut" :-).
24th Mar, 2006 03:55 (UTC)
Me too =^o^=
Too bad the picture quality is blurry, if less dark than the DVD's. It's yellowish too, the DVD is rather bluish... Does perfection exist in this world, sob?
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