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'cause some fuckin' times you have to fuckin' tell how you fuckin' feel about the fuckin' way fuckin' things are fuckin' around!

Hulky Ratty


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29th Mar, 2006 10:30 (UTC)
Now I'm a bit worried about you, Kand...
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29th Mar, 2006 11:13 (UTC)
I loooove your animated mouse LOL
We're Wednesday but things went like a Monday, you know...
1) I tried twice to record a movie: yesterday there was a general strike (I got two hours of a panel with evening schedules...) and during the night, the decoder went off by itself, so I got two hours of green screen. It was the last airing of course.
2) Paul wanted me to make some fund transfer from one account to another. I had to go THREE times to the post office in two days (missed paper and references :o/). Third time I went, I spent half the way with a kiddie ragingly ringing in my back because he wanted to bypass me with his bicycle (on the sidewalk!). At the post office I queued behind 6 persons. The 6th one was a Mom with a screaming toddler and a child who wanted to touch everything she could...
3) The lady at the counter kept asking me if I had a power? My name was clearly printed on the card she hold!
4) Herbert sent me a new lesson (good) and told me he was "somewhat" disappointed by my site project (I sent it to him, what, a month ago? Waited all this time for that???)
5) I had to throw away some fish I bought a few days ago, already not fresh anymore...
6) I'm receiving an order I made for Mom and us, one item at a time - the order was made almost two months ago (winter clothes)! And this time on the invoice one item is missing, I just hope they didn't swallow it...
7) Yesterday's hail & thunder storm sliced half of my newly blossoming narcissus...
8) At 2pm, Mom called me, wishing me good appetite (I was trying to *start* to eat, for God's sake!) to tell the big framed photo I hanged on her wall had fallen, glass broken, I had to search the house for a plastic one, and change hers. And during the lunch I choked on a crumb of ham for at least 5 minutes!

I just hope the Canucks won't be mangled tonight, grmph.
29th Mar, 2006 11:31 (UTC)
Sorry, but I have to stifle one's laughter :o)
Take it easy! Some days are hot, some days are hotter! *lol*
The sexiest man alive (okay - next to Nick *g*) only for you!

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29th Mar, 2006 10:51 (UTC)
I love you and I miss you. I will see you soon!
29th Mar, 2006 11:07 (UTC)
Fuckin' right!

*pets ands soothes*

Tell auntie Sue your worries; she will make it better...
29th Mar, 2006 11:38 (UTC)
On some days everything screws up :(. Hopefully you've had your quota of shit for the spring now *hugz*
29th Mar, 2006 11:47 (UTC)
Not quite, even for today... The garderner's coming tomorrow and Paul wants to fire him because he cut too much of some bushes. And he said my stuffed pepperoni were un-eatable, he left all of it (I eat my share, very good).
29th Mar, 2006 23:47 (UTC)
Hope the next few days are better for you. :-) Sending you virtual hugs. ::hugs:: Better now?
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